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A visit to Słowiński National Park

A meeting with AMIAT, Turin waste management company

Turin, 23rd March

Report on the meeting with AMIAT, the waste management company in Turin.

On March 23rd 2013 we met a representative of AMIAT (a multiservice company which deals with environmental hygiene in Turin) at school to talk about how to recycle properly. After several statistics we began to watch a video named "Proper Recycling" where 5 steps for a proper recycle were listed:

Turin Incinerator - deceptive ads

Incinerator effects on health a study of the Turin Polytechnic

Our meeting with No-Incinerator activists

Report of our meeting with anti-incinerator activists (CARP), Turin

On February 19th, 2013 some school classes attended a meeting with campaigners against the new incinerator of Turin. There is a whole network of anti-incinerator groups and committees in different Italian cities and towns, those which have such a plant.

Polish students visit the waste management plant

On January 30th, the students and teachers from high school in Słupsk, Poland visited the Waste Management Plant in Bierkowo. The plant consists of waste plant and mixed waste sorting facility. It was built in 1985 and will be in operation until 2020. It covers the area of 16,5 ha but presently the area of only 10,2 ha is used.  78% of the waste the plant manages is the household waste.


Report of our two visits in November: Incinerator and waste collection plant

On a cold day in November we went to visit two important facilities in Turin: TRM incinerator, which is still being built, and the AMIAT centre for the collection of waste. It was very instructive! See our reports...