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The Polish journal from Turin


Dictionary Çomenius Project in Poland !









Air Pollution

Powerpoint Presentation. About air pollution. From Spain group.

Result Of Video-Group

The video made by our students at the munich workshop:

The Munich Journal from TURIN



We can say that our trip to München was memorable because we had an amazing week with people from different countries; Germany, Holland, Poland and Italy.

There we were able to enjoy several days of snow, which was one of the best things because in Spain there is not much snow, we ate in some typical restaurant and tried different types of food from there. We also had free time to explore around the hostel, visit our area and have fun at Tollwood Festival.

Europeday at Robert-Bosch-Fachoberschule

At the end of the workshop about e-waste form November 25th to 28th at the Robert-Bosch-Fachoberschule at Munich, students presented the aims of our project at the Europe-Day.

Here you find some photos of that event. Klick on the thumbnails to make them big.



Workshop in Munich

Hello to everyone!

It was a great time in Munich!

Here you find some photos made by the media - team: hard work at the workshop! But I think it was fun too! Klick on the thumbnails to make them bigger.


Agreements in Munich November 2013

Munich meeting - impressions from Polish students