The DWOP Survey on Students' Environmental Behaviour and Knowledge 2013

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1.1 Personal information

Name --> Class --> School -->
Age --> Sex --> Country -->
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This survey aims to find out some of your attitudes, habits and knowledge towards environmental problems and your ideas to improve pollution control. First, let us know how much you know and what you think about the following issues concerning environmental protection!
General attitudes towards environmental issues

2.1 Pick (X) the three environmental issues that you are more worried about
Climate change Water pollution Air pollution Man-made disasters
Natural disasters Chemicals in products Consumption habits E-Waste
Deletion of natural recourses Growing waste Loss in biodiversity Agricultural pollution
Urban traffic problems Impact of more traffic Noise pollution others
2.2 Do you know any environmental problems in your country/your home town that had caused threat to life and physical/psychological conditions of people?

no, I have never heard of any impairment by environmental pollution for people in my country or home town yes, I know of health damage and emotional distress for people in my country/home town because of environmental problems

If yes, please give a short description of the problem(s):

2.3 Who should be responsible for protecting the environment and the ecological balance on Earth? Put them in order of importance (6 for the most important, 1 for the less important)

government of a country
local authorities (town/city)
all governments together on an international level
companies / producers of pollution
private consumers / every one of us
non-profit organizations like Greenpeace
2.4 How do you rate the real performance of the following in giving important information/advice about environmental issues? (6 for excellent and 1 for poor)

public authorities on local / regional level
parents instructing their children in saving energy / reducing waste
teachers at school giving ecological advice in all subjects
companies (producers / retail trade / sales persons)
media (newspapers, TV)
non-profit organizations like Greenpeace
2.5 What environmental protection measures would you like to see introduced in your hometown?

2.6 What environmental protection measures would you like to see introduced in your school?