Clean Up the World Day in Slupsk

Clean Up the World “happening” in Polish school

On September 19th, a group of Polish students organized a happening in their school to draw other students’ attention to the problem of waste. Before the long break they spread a lot of garbage on the corridor of the first floor: coca-cola cans, plastic bags, waste paper, paper bags, sweets wrappings, plastic bottles etc. The view was impressive. The bell rang, other students who finished their lessons left the classrooms and, to their astonishment, they saw … a horrendous mess.
The organizers interviewed some students to enquire about their attitude towards the environment, they asked them questions like: do you segregate rubbish?, do you try to reduce the amount of waste?, do you think the system of segregating rubbish is beneficial?, do you feel responsible for the present state of the environment?
They also encouraged the students to help clean the corridor giving them free rubber gloves. In the meantime, the students watched images presenting the contrast between the ugliness and beauty of different places on earth.
The next day, a few groups of students cleaned the area of the school selecting the rubbish carefully into different colour plastic bags.
The action was really successful and hopefully will make people from our school pay more attention to the state of our planet and feel more responsible for its state.

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