The Raiders of the lost paper

On Thursday,April 11 we made another environmental visit. Two classes, 4F and 4G, went to visit the ITALMACERI, a company, located in the suburbs of Turin. It is a paper selection platform, the paper there is selected, processed and made ready to be sold. Italmaceri is controlled by COMIECO, which organized our visit, Structures similar to Italmaceri were open for visits for 2 days throughout Italy, on 2 open days called “open recycling” (riciclo aperto). Comieco is a public consortium that makes sure paper and cardboard and all the derivates from cellulose are recycled appropriately, and packagings are transformed into new raw materials. It has been there since 1985.
The reception was excellent, we were initially explained that smoking is strictly forbidden inside the structure, although it is outdoors, because of the high fire risk We were also told to be very careful and remain compact because there were many machines moving. 
After this little introduction we entered the structure, before starting the visit we were seated in a conference room, where there was a nice table, and refreshments for all, and this welcome made this visit definitely more pleasant. After introducing ourselves, we split into two groups, one remained in the room while the other went to visit the paper treatment facilities. We were the first class to remain in the conference room and saw a funny, engaging and very cute video, , explaining the cycle of paper and cardboard recycling that includes 4 stages:
1• collection 
2• arrival in the selection platform (where we did our visit)
3,4• paper mill. ( production of new paper ) 
the video explained the recycling cycle, and the simplicity of a small gesture that actually is very noble, to throw objects in the right place in the garbage, saying ironically that anyone who doesn't do it is an abysmal ignorant. We didn’t know that Italy is one of the best countries in Europe, probably. No.1, at recycling paper (just paper!), it is nice to know that at least for one thing we are not “the last of the class…”. We also learnt, among other things, that a cellulose fiber can be recycled up to 7 times! In Italy 90 per cent of new paper comes from recycled one, 10 per cent is FSC.
Once the video was over we discussed all together and asked quite a few questions, the other class came back, and we went to do our visit. We took a lot of pictures as we intend to enter a competition. The best photo click showing paper recycling wins 1000 euro to be spent in materials for our class!
The visit was fun and very useful as we saw very closely real recycling machinery and procedures for the first time in Turin. Other visits (e.g. plastic facilities) are not allowed to group of students.

The Italian DWOP Comenius team