Trip to Spain 14/4/2013 - 19/04/2013

14/4/2012 - Departure day

We met in Turin airport Caselle at 4.00 p.m. There, at 6.45 p.m after the check-in, we went onto the plane directed to Madrid. We landed in Spain at 8.40 p.m. and while waiting for our luggage, we ate a sandwich. After that we headed to the exit where we met the teachers of the other nations who accompanied us on the bus directed to Talavera de la Reina. Around 11.20 p.m we arrived at the hotel "Perales" where they assigned our rooms. After having settled and set the alarm for 7.00 a.m,, it wasn’t easy to fall asleep because of some merrymaker.

15/4/2013 - School presentation, workshop and eco-survey

We all got up around 7.00 a.m,, we had breakfast at the hotel and we headed to the school "Ribera del Tajo There was a presentation of Spain and another one about the school; after that we were divided into groups where we had to create objects with recycled and recyclable materials such as soap, paper, toys and musical instruments.Before starting to work, we were offered the typical Spanish breakfast: hot chocolate with churrosAt 2.00 p.m we went to eat at a “all you can eat” restaurant near the school. At 4.00 p.m we went back to school to present our works of art and the result about the eco-survey. We returned to the hotel around 6.00 p.m and each of us enjoyed some free-time  before dinner.

16/4/2013 - Visiting the city of Toledo and visiting the Eco-park of Toledo        

It was the smelliest morning of the week! We took the bus early in the morning directed to the Eco-park of Toledo where they explained us how the garbage is separated in Spain and how the park is organized. They showed us how the black bins are divided and, worst of all, how the organic waste rots After that we went to Toledo where we ate a sandwich and visited this beautiful city under the guidance of a Spanish teacher. Tired and tanned we went to the hotel just in time for dinner!

17/4/2013 - Street market, meeting with the mayor, activities at school

We left the hotel around 9 in the morning, we headed towards the town, going first to the market of Talavera. Before meeting the mayor, we visited a small museum with the remains of a Roman and Muslim Domus. After that we finally met the mayor with whom we some took pictures while an interview was going on. After the interview we had a little free time before going to school for the presentation of the natural park of Monfrague. At school we were divided into groups and each group has come up with proposals to save the planet from the garbage, except one who has created a free card with a slogan of our project. In the evening, after dinner, we went to a party with all the students where we had the opportunity to greet the Dutch friends, who were leaving the city the next morning.

18/04/2013 - Visiting the natural park of Monfrague

After having breakfast and greeting the Dutch, we headed to the park. In the morning we walked through the park admiring the very extensive area and the creatures that live there. We stopped for lunch in the small village within the park and we spent the afternoon relaxing! Again tired and tanned we went to the hotel just in time for dinner. After dinner we packed our bags ready (or almost) to return home.

19/04/2013 - Departure day

After the last breakfast at the hotel we headed to Madrid with the Polish and German students. We visited the city for 2 hours and we rushed to the airport for the departure. After 5 days of beautiful sunshine we returned home with the rain.