A meeting with AMIAT, Turin waste management company

Turin, 23rd March

Report on the meeting with AMIAT, the waste management company in Turin.

On March 23rd 2013 we met a representative of AMIAT (a multiservice company which deals with environmental hygiene in Turin) at school to talk about how to recycle properly. After several statistics we began to watch a video named "Proper Recycling" where 5 steps for a proper recycle were listed:
1. Waste Reduction: Every Italian citizen produces 1,5 kg/day, 550 kg/year and the causes of so much junk are better economic conditions, an increase of singles, a better work organization, population growth in urban areas. What we can do is, for example, drink water from the tap, reuse supermarket shoppers, buy bulk products.
2. Reuse of waste: Reuse waste in an original way, such as giving unwanted gifts, sell at the flea market, ecc.
3. Separate collection: Trying to minimize mixed waste separating all that is possible (paper, plastic, glass and so on)
4. Recycling: Recycling you'll save energy, raw materials and, for example, with a plastic bottle you make a polyester hat, with 15 glass bottles you make a polyester sweatshirt; recycling one aluminium can save the energy needed to keep a TV on for 3 hours.