This is a diary of our experience in Holland, 25th February-1st March 2013...

from Turin


  • Monday 25th February​

It was the first day of our beautiful trip to Holland. We met at the Turin Court,  where we took the bus to Malpensa airport . Some of us were quite anxious, because for them it was the first time on a plane . There, at 3.00 p.m after the check-in, we went onto the plane directed to Amsterdam. The flight was amazing! At the airport we looked for the ticket office and there we bought the ticket for the train to Appeldoorn. Looking trough the train window we noticed already that the architecture was totally different from ours in Turin, and we liked it so much.


Once we arrived we took another bus to reach the hostel STAY OKAY. It was situated in the wood and we had difficulties to find it . It was really nice inside, because of the lovely spacey hall, ideal for socializing. When we got there we were so excited and, after the organization of the rooms, we kinda have a party all night long, together with our foreign friends.





  • Tuesday 26th February

In the morning we met the Dutch students at Noordgouw high school. 

After introducing each others, they took us around the school. At this point we stopped for a break and then we were divided into four groups: 

-eco survey 
-web quest 
At 2.30 p.m we left the school and went to visit the waste disposal center (Rova ). At the end of the visit we returned to the hostel and soon after that we went out for dinner.
On this day we ordered dinner alone, improving our English because we had to understand and speak with people from other countries.



  • Wednesday 27th February

On the third day we woke up at 7.30 a.m to be at the Dutch school  at 9.00 a.m. We were together with our Dutch friends. We went along with the project till 11.00 a.m and than we had a break. Between the break and the lunch the major of the city arrived.
At 5.00 p.m we took again the bus and with our friends we went to the recycle center VAR where they gave us something to drink and eat. The way they welcomed us was beautiful and the presentation was very interesting. After the presentation we visited their landfill.
Finally, we were back in hostel. It was a beautiful experience and we enjoyed it very much!






  • Thursday 28th February

On the 28th, the day before coming back home, we went to the Dutch school again, where we did the presentations. It was so amazing! Later, we did a really strange dance called: “HARLEM SHAKE”. The presentations were divided into four groups; each group did a short presentation that described the activities done over the days. They were really short but all the groups did them in a wonderful way; we were a bit scared but later we were very proud. We got off the bus and we went to a square where we split  in a few groups to visit and have lunch in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a really nice city although it’s strange because the palaces are slopping in the streets and there are a lot of tourists. We went to the hostel at 5.00 p.m and we had dinner at 6.00 p.m. Then, after dinner there were some people who were  playing pool, other people who were smoking outside, others who were chatting.



It was a beautiful experience! We feel we want to be more involved in the Comenius project now...we hope to see you again soon!

Elisa, Martina, Jessica, Noemi, Marco, Francois, Igor, Daniel, Andrea, Nicholas from Turin