Teachers and students' meeting in Heerde 2013


Project meeting in Heerde, the Netherlands  (25th Feb – 1st March)

Eight students and three teachers from our school in SÅ‚upsk, Poland, went to Heerde, the Netherlands, to work on the project “Don’t waste our planet” with four other countries: Spain, Holland, Germany and Italy.

The project focuses on the problem of waste management, segregation of rubbish, recycling as well as the future measures that must be taken in order not to waste our planet. The students involved in the project prepare presentations, take part in surveys, do some research, visit waste management plants, etc.

Before we went to Holland, we worked hard at school to prepare for the visit. These are the effects of our common efforts:

  • the German teachers and students prepared the common website where the information and the products of the project are disseminated
  • we prepared information and photos about our school and students participating in the project for the website
  • the Italian students designed the logos for our project
  • we had a vote on the logos and communicated our scores during the videoconference on 31st Jan in order to proclaim the winner (the winning logo was designed by Marco Guazzo)
  • we visited the waste management plant in Bierkowo and prepared a multimedia presentation on it
  • we conducted a survey on green habits in English prepared by the countries involved in the project among the students from the five schools
  • we carried out a webquest in order to gather information about waste segregation in our cities
  • we also carried out our own survey on green habits in Polish among the students of our school, thank you for taking part!

During the meeting in Heerde:

  • we found out about the Dutch educational system and visited their school
  • we met the Mayor of Heerde during a special meeting in the school
  • international groups of students had a debate on the most serious problems concerning the future of our planet
  • one group carried out interviews on the streets to find out what peoples’ green habits are and recorded them on video cameras
  • another group prepared a powerpoint presentation on the results of their research about waste segregation and compared all the data from five countries
  • we had two guided tours to waste managements plants in the region
  • we visited a second hand shop in Apeldoorn, where we could observe how the second hand products, such as furniture or bicycles are renovated

We also spent some time having fun.  On Thursday, 28th Feb we went on a trip to Amsterdam. In the evenings, the students from Heerde visited us in our hostel in Apeldoorn in order to share ideas and just socialize. We spent a lot of time chatting with them and we still keep in touch!