Agreements in Heerde, March 1, 2013

Planning of activities before and during mobility to Spain in April
Teachers agreed the following:
- in the period between the mobilities to the Netherlands and Spain students in the different countries will brainstorm about concrete proposals "What can we as individuals do not to waste our planet?"
- during the mobility in Spain
Monday 15 April afternoon
1) the students of every country will present their results of survey part 2 and they will highlight the macro differences among their green habits (the German version of the survey will aready have been processed and therefore easier to evaluate).
2) presentations of activities that haven't been finished in the Netherlands will be completed on this occasion.
Wednesday 17 April afternoon
A teachers' meeting will be held (time: approximately one hour and a half).  At the same time the students will write a list of concrete proposals of actions they can take not to waste our planet - this will be the result of the surveys discussed on Monday and the brainstorming they had at school in their own country. After that the teachers will join them to hear their proposals.

The follow-up of activities in the second year of the project will be a natural consequence of the students' proposals.