Our school, I.E.S. Ribera del Tajo, is located in Talavera de la Reina, Toledo.

It was founded in 1988 and at present we are 1100 students in the school and there are 70 teachers.

The school offers both Secondary and Vocational school studies in different levels and it also provides its students with the possibility of studying from home or flexible timetables in certain fields.

The school wide curriculum includes Nursery, Computer and Business Administration studies, which ensures that every student can study something he likes. Moreover, my school is part of a Bilingual program to improve the learning of English. The subjects that are taught in English are History and P.E and they foster teamwork and cooperation.

In order to make sure that the students have the best learning experience, Ribera Del Tajo features a wide variety of facilities, such as the library, the gym, Althia computer room, some labs and so on.

Furthermore there are several European Programs like E- Twinning, Comenius, Leonardo and Erasmus, which guarantee the students the opportunity to complete their formation and carry out training periods abroad in countries, such as, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and U.K.

Finally the school also organizes extracurricular and complementary activities. For example trips, poetry contests, theatre plays, and even our own magazine.

Daniel García García. 1º Bto. A