Polish students involved in the project


We are the group of young people from Polish high school called IV Liceum Ogólnokształcącego in Słupsk. We met in September 2011 and we started working together on the project in December. Each student who is involved in “Don’t Waste Our Planet” project has their own tasks and responsibilities.


In the picture you can see:

Paulina Kolańska - kolus1234@o2.pl

Ola Kazimierska - alex151@wp.pl

Kasia Labuda - kasialabuda15@wp.pl

Michał Rękas - demond9655@gmail.com

Aleksandra Derezulko - ola.derezulko@poczta.onet.pl

Wojciech Winnicki - winoocs@gmail.com

Agata Ordon - a.ordon12@wp.pl


  • Aleksandra Derezulko drew up a questionnaire, which was carried out among students of our school.

  • Agata Ordon and Aleksandra Kazimierska created presentation on a school board which included information about our project.

  • Klaudia Marcjan and Martyna Lisiecka made a multimedia presentation which makes people aware of different kinds of waste and waste management.

  • Kasia Labuda drew up a dictionary of the words that are typical of the problem of environmental pollution.

  • Damian Górny was responsible for affixing the materials on the website.

  • Wojciech Winnicki wrote the report on the visit to the waste management plant and prepared the presentation about it.

  • Paulina Kolańska and Ola Kazimierska are responsible for doing research on waste management in our city.

  • Michał Rękas is in charge of the DWOP site and presentation about the visit to the waste management plant.