Explanation of the 4 project logos - Turin



Class 4^F

LOGO no. 1

I made the logo in this way because I think that it can convey the message of ecology. This logo compares the clean part of the world (ecology) to the dirty one (factories)

(Marco Guazzo)


LOGO no. 2

In my logo I want to represent two parts: at the top there's the world as it is now, with dull colors, on the contrary the lower part represents the world as it could be and I would like it to be: colourful and not polluted

(Alessia Vacca)


LOGO no. 3

Logo visualizes recycling.Where an arrow ends another begins, that indicates a sense of continuity in help ing. the environment: where one person's efforts end there's another person continuing his/her work. Besides, the world has a crack in the center representing the situation we are in: a world destined to destruction if we don't act now.

(Marco Cirulli)

LOGO no.4

My logo is a world surrounded by a big industrialized lizard, which symbolizes us and our society.
The lizard is a sign that represents everything negative we do in our world destroying it.

(Ilaria Bisterzo)

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